Scott Morton Works is a photographic gallery of botanical, still life and landscapes. In addition to commercial work focusing on interiors and home furnishings, Keith Scott Morton turns his lens toward Nature, creating intimate portraits that invite viewers to escape to an evocative, private world.

A modern ode to Keith’s family history, Scott Morton works takes both name and inspiration from a decorative arts company founded in 1860 by his great-grandfather in Edinburgh, Scotland. For nearly a century, the company was recognized as a leading exponent of design, providing custom interiors to homes and public buildings, many of which still exist today. These richly detailed rooms are a tribute to the individual artisan. Within them, natural motifs abound: swirling vines and flowers carved from rare woods, gilded and faux-painted stone surfaces, and myriad other examples that reveal the enduring dialogue between artist and nature.

Keith Scott Morton was born in Glasgow, Scotland. At age eight, he moved to Pittsburgh and then to Montclair, New Jersey, going on to attend Lehigh University.

He was apprenticed in photography before starting his own business in 1978. Keith, his wife Christine, and daughter Natasha, divide their time between New York City and Orient, Long Island, where they have a tree nursery.